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Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

Wedding Hair FAQ

We understand that planning a wedding can be stressful, and you may have a lot of questions about your bridal hair. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section to ease your mind and provide you with the answers you need. 

We’ve spent years perfecting our craft and have the knowledge and experience to ensure your special day is in good hands. You can relax knowing that we’ll take care of every detail of your bridal hair, leaving you free to enjoy your day with confidence and style. 

So whether you’re wondering about updos, hair extensions, or any other aspect of bridal hair, we’ve got you covered. Explore our FAQ section today to learn more!

At a bridal hair trial appointment, you can anticipate a consultation with your hair artist to discuss your wedding hair style inspiration, your natural hair type, and your wedding theme. During the appointment, you will have the opportunity to try out 1-3 different wedding hair styles, experiment with the placement of your wedding hair accessories, and ultimately decide on the perfect wedding day hairstyle.

Bridal hairstyles are $180 and Bridesmaids hairstyles are $160. However, we do require you to fill out our Wedding Hair Consultation Form with all the details of your wedding. Having this information allows us to accurately provide you with a custom quote based on your needs which will include the cost of travel.

Yes. A 50% deposit of your overall cost is required upon signing the contract in order to secure your wedding day hair appointment with your stylist.

We are a directory of wedding hair artists located all over Southern Ontario reaching from Windsor – Ottawa as well as offering our services for destination weddings.

We require a 1.5 hour time frame for bridal wedding hair and 1 hour for bridesmaids/attendants.

Your hair stylist will use the details from your Wedding Hair Consultation form to accurately provide a timeline needed in order to complete the services. It will be up to you and your wedding coordinator to incorporate this into the wedding day itinerary to ensure everything flows smoothly and on time. 

Having hair extensions is a great way to add instant volume and/or length. Our clip in hair extensions are 100% human hair and provide a temporary yet instant solution without the commitment and maintenance to having hair extensions installed semi-permanently. We match your exact color then custom cut the extensions to blend with your natural hair, expanding your wedding hair style options.

Hair Extensions FAQ

Custom hair extensions are not just a fashion accessory, but they can also be a way to boost your confidence and feel great about yourself. At our on-site service, we offer a variety of options that can give you an instant transformation and limitless hairstyle options. 

Hair extensions are strands of 100% natural human hair that has been donated and ethically sourced. They are added to your natural hair to increase length, volume, or both. They come in various types such as clip-in, tape-in, fusion bond, and beaded weft.

Remy hair is considered to be the highest quality of human hair used for hair extensions. It is collected in a way that keeps all of the hair cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction, ensuring a natural and smooth appearance. Remy hair extensions are also less prone to tangling and matting, which makes them last much longer than other types of hair extensions. Additionally, because they are made from real human hair, you can use heat styling tools like curling irons and straighteners without damaging them. If you’re looking for a premium option for your hair extensions, Remy hair is definitely worth considering

Proper care and maintenance of your hair extensions is crucial for their longevity and to keep them looking their best. Different types of hair extensions require different types of care, but there are some key aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Gentle washing is essential to prevent damage to the cuticle. Always wash in a downward motion and avoid roughing up the hair.

  2. Brushing your extensions with a proper hair extension brush is important to prevent tangling and damage. Start from the bottom and work your way up to avoid pulling at the roots.

  3. For semi-permanent hair extensions, such as bonded or sewn-in extensions, it’s best to sleep with your hair in a braid and on a silk pillowcase to prevent damage caused by friction while sleeping.

At each hair extensions appointment, our hair artists provide a comprehensive hair care guide to ensure that you know exactly how to care for your hair extensions to keep them looking and feeling beautiful for as long as possible.

You can swim with hair extensions, but it’s best to wear a swim cap to protect them from chlorine and salt water. After swimming, rinse your hair thoroughly and apply a leave-in conditioner to keep the extensions hydrated. It is best to have them dry and brushed out to prevent the hair from tangling. It is also advised for blondes to be careful of sunscreen and pool chemicals as this can sometimes alter the color of the hair extensions.

Hair extensions, when properly applied and cared for, do not cause damage to your natural hair. Our expert stylists use methods that are specifically designed to protect your hair from any harm. It is normal to experience some natural hair fall when the extensions are removed, as we typically lose around 100 hairs per day. However, following our provided care guide will ensure that your hair extensions look and feel great, without compromising the health of your natural hair. With our high-quality human hair extensions, you can enjoy instant length and volume, while maintaining the integrity of your natural hair.

Yes, you can wash your hair with extensions in, but you should use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Be gentle and avoid tugging at the extensions to prevent loosening them, and to protect your natural hair.

Yes, most hair extensions can be styled with heat tools like curling irons and straighteners. However, it’s crucial to use a heat protectant spray to avoid damaging both your natural hair and the extensions.

It’s recommended to wash your hair with extensions every 2-3 days. Over washing can lead to loosening the adhesive in tape-in extensions or weakening the bonds in fusion extensions.

A consultation is necessary when providing the cost for your hair extension installation. There many variables to consider, such as the method of hair extension needed for your type of hair and lifestyle, and whether you are looking for length, fullness or both. Typically they can range from $700 – $2000+ which is why we offer a mobile consultation for $50 which can be credited to your hair extensions deposit or free virtual consultations.

Colors, Cut & Style FAQ

Our team of skilled hair artists has traveled far and wide to learn from the best stylists in the industry, and they’re here to share their knowledge with you. 

We want to help you achieve the latest hair trends and styles, and that’s why we’re here to provide you with expert advice on hair color, haircuts, and styling. 

Yes! All of our services have individual costs, however we understand that our clients need a combination of services, so for this we have put together service packages that includes savings!

The duration of your hair color depends on the type of color and individual hair growth rate. For example, a blonde balayage may last up to 6 months, whereas a root touch-up may be needed every 4-5 weeks. On average, most people require a color refresh every 6-7 weeks. To maintain your professional color and keep your hair healthy, our artists will recommend products tailored to your individual needs.

The frequency at which you should trim your hair depends on the length of your hair and the style you want to maintain. Short hairstyles above the ear may require an appointment every 4-5 weeks to maintain the style. For medium to long hair styles, a trim every 8-12 weeks is recommended to keep your hair looking healthy and to prevent split ends from further damaging the hair cuticle. Trimming the split ends from the hair allows your strands to remain strong enough to grow long and healthy. Our expert hair artists can advise you on how often you should trim your hair to maintain your desired look.

Our mobile hair artists provide services in the comfort of your own home or chosen location. We kindly ask that you provide a designated space for the artist to work in. For color services, access to a sink for hair washing is necessary. Additionally, a flat surface and outlet must be available nearby for the artist’s styling tools. Our hair artists will arrive with all necessary equipment and supplies needed to provide you with professional hair services.

It’s best to have clean hair that is either smooth and dry or slightly damp without leave-in hair products.

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